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Ways to Support

support our library

With the investment by donors to the Foundation, The San Mateo Public Library has the resources to be proactive, to serve as a community catalyst, and push for innovation.

Fall Appeal

Make Your Gift and Support the Library Today!

Join us for Gives Day on December 7th.
100 gifts opens up an additional $20,000 challenge grant. Help us make our goal!

What Your Gift Does

Everyone deserves access to enrichment! Whether you are young or old, the San Mateo Library offers opportunities to expand your horizons and engage! The San Mateo Public Library Foundation supports the Library’s mission by ensuring funding for expanded library services and community outreach. This commitment is only possible with your help. We depend on the support of people like you to partner with us to ensure a bright future for all in our community!

support our library

This past year alone, the Library welcomed more than 600,000 visitors, and over 45,000 people attended 1100 Library programs. Our Library transforms lives on a daily basis – nowhere else can you find such a comprehensive array of media, technology, programs and services – the tools to help library users of all ages realize their full individual potential – all for free and under one roof.

Please partner with us today by making a gift to the San Mateo Public Library Foundation. Your donation will ensure everyone in our community continues to enjoy all that our exceptional Library offers.

San Mateo Public Libraries and the Foundation are committed to:

Fueling Community Engagement and Enrichment

San Mateo’s library system offers a wide variety of interesting speakers, live music performances, cultural and artistic exhibitions and so much more! Donations to the Foundation expand these offerings and test new programs and services.

Piloting and Scaling Library Programs

Donors’ gifts are used to pilot new, and expand proven, high-impact Library programs that reach early learners, school age children, teens, and adults. With this Winter’s launch of a new mobile library van, the library will reach even more members of our community. Foundation support ensures the multi-year support essential for program stability.

Ensuring Robust Collections

Funding from the city does not keep up with demand for Library materials. The Foundation helps expand those offerings.

Supporting Access to Technology

Many library patrons do not have a computer or wifi at home. Foundation dollars support the library’s public access technology with purchasing and maintaining up-to-date computers, printers, and scanners. Want to take technology home with you? The Foundation helps fund the library’s Chromebook and portable WIFI device lending program.

What Your Donation Supports

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The Foundation puts your donation to work in the current fiscal year. Make your donation today!

Donate Now to the San Mateo Library Foundation
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